What is Language Intelligence?

We are a business that connects you with the experts who can solve the challenges you face involving language.

– Do you need to resolve a question of speaker/author identity?
– Are you grappling with disputed meanings?
– Does your work require a specialised language data set?

The Language Intelligence experts have the experience, qualifications, and track record that you are seeking.

We have years of experience which include working with police departments and legal firms to quantify and resolve questions of written authorship, disputed phone calls, and challenged identities (for defense and prosecution).

Our language experts at work.

Previous contracts have included local and international clients, who have relied on our analytical approaches.

Questions of meaning, brought to us by private, government and corporate clients have included suspected plagiarism, fraud, and deception, and have been resolved by our experts.

In one recent case, our experts assisted police with identification of a suspect in a Sydney CBD terror plot.

Authorship was also in dispute in a case that tested the credentials of a public health professional.

Our experts’ knowledge and skills have been essential in their work with governments’ security and disaster planning and operations.

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ABN: 76 355 808 170
Disclaimer: The services and expertise Language Intelligence offer involve technical language advice only. You should seek independent legal advice before acting or relying on advice provided by Language Intelligence in legal cases.